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Insight Meditation classes in Central Ohio
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Inescapable Stress?

We all know stress. Sometimes it is short-term. Sometimes it is built into our lives. We all know that some things can help. A good night's sleep, a walk in the woods, maybe a glass of wine in the evening. Simple meditation helps too, focusing on our breathing or a mantra. All these techniques can bring short-term relief. But what if we could do more; give ourselves true long-term relief from the inescapable stresses of work, family, illness?

What is Insight Meditation

Also known as Vipassana, the purpose of Insight Meditation is not to create a system of beliefs, but rather to help us to see clearly into the nature of the mind and its perceptions of the world around us. The word Vipassana literally means "Seeing deeply." Insight Meditation is a technique dating back 2,500 years to the earliest recorded teachings of the Buddha.

What happens in a class?

Practical and systematic, this class is not religious and will be of value to those in any faith tradition. Its focus is the present moment, allowing us to clearly see our thoughts, emotions and physical responses as they arise in daily living.